Why Were You Born?

On Saturday, June 8, 2024, I had the honour of attending the UMUADA Orange Day Programme, an event focused on raising awareness about domestic abuse. The event  featured a keynote speech by Peggy Bareh, the founder of ‘Arise and Thrive Academy.’


Now to the question at hand: “Why Were You Born?”

Seven years ago, Peggy Bareh was asked this very question and found herself unable to answer. At the time, she was enduring severe domestic violence. Peggy’s story is one of incredible resilience and transformation.

Peggy recounted her tumultuous childhood, beginning with her rejection as a result of an unwanted pregnancy. Denied by her father and abandoned by her mother, Peggy was raised by her grandmother. Despite suffering from a heart defect that led to frequent hospital visits, Peggy’s grandmother refused to abandon her, despite being advised otherwise.


Her early life was marked by abuse from herbalists who attempted to “cleanse” her of so-called bad spirits. In her quest for love and acceptance, Peggy became a pregnant teenager and an outcast once again. She eventually entered a relationship she believed to be loving, only to experience severe domestic abuse from her husband. Finding the courage to leave her abuser, Peggy has since become an advocate against domestic violence, empowering women through her work.

Today, when asked, “Why were you born?” Peggy has a clear and powerful answer.

Peggy’s story is a profound reminder of the importance of self-discovery. So, I pose the same question to you: Why were you born?


The Journey to Self-Discovery

Understanding your purpose is the most important adventure of your life. It shapes every decision, every relationship, and every dream. Reflect on your passions, acknowledge your strengths, and embrace your uniqueness. Your true self is your greatest asset.

Self-discovery is not just about identifying your likes and dislikes. It’s about recognising your deepest values, unique talents, and the dreams that inspire you. Reflect on what drives you, challenges you, and brings you joy. Embrace your strengths, recognise your weaknesses, and work on them. Your story and individuality are powerful.

Empowering Yourself: Discovering your true self is the most empowering journey you can undertake. It goes beyond roles, titles, or wealth—it’s about your passions, values, and dreams that energise your spirit. True success is not measured by popularity or material gain but by the authenticity and fulfilment, you find in your own journey. Follow your own dreams and passions, not those of others.

If needed, seek guidance to help you reflect on what makes you unique: your strengths, joys, and even the challenges that shape you. Embrace every part of yourself, and watch how self-awareness transforms your approach to life, unlocking your full potential.

Explore Your Essence: We all have a purpose, a passion, and a story to tell. Celebrate your unique story and use your powerful voice to make a difference.

I help women transform their mindsets to find the clarity needed to kickstart their lives, enabling them to move forward with confidence and courage in their careers, businesses, or personal lives. I did it, and so can you. Contact me today, and let the journey to self-discovery begin.

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