I help women transform their mindsets to find the clarity to kickstart their lives, so they can carry on with confidence, courage and a ‘Yes, I can’ attitude in their careers, businesses or personal lives.

I did, so can you!

It is Folaji’s strong belief that we are all individuals born with unique talents and creative gifts. She believes that creativity is everywhere and linked to everything we do.

It is the power that lies within and women need to start transforming their mindsets. Through mindset transformation, creativity, arts, and culture, women can be dedicated to a continuous journey of self-confidence, personal growth, and success. 

Folaji believes that when women connect and collaborate with confidence via well-planned events, lives are transformed, communities are strengthened and they thrive. For women to each begin to attain equality at the table, attain leadership and make a difference, we need to continue to empower and inspire them to unleash their inner strength so they can discover and enrich their creativity because creative
women speak words of wisdom and rule the world.

Folaji has participated in many fashion shows, conferences, events, and exhibitions and has organized her own events including well-attended conferences that attracted industry doyens and top government officials. Folaji is a well-respected member of her community and due to her hard work, she has received numerous awards and recognitions and has been featured in local newspapers, many online articles, and magazines.

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Confidence Coaching

I know exactly what it’s like to approach a major life milestone feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and unsure of the right next step. I can help you become confident.

Creativity and Business Coaching

Like most businesses, FFOLAJI LONDON and Women In Creative Enterprise (WICE) started very small, but have since expanded, we now have clients and followers from all over UK, Africa and other parts of the world.

Strengthening Relationships

I know what it is like to have been deeply loved, so it is my greatest joy to see people happy and thriving. I take pleasure in helping couples flourish individually, while enjoying a loving relationship together as partners on their life journey.

Personal Style coaching for mature women

I can help you develop a capsule wardrobe that affords you the right clothing for the right event, day after day, whether getting dressed in the morning to honouring the unexpected corporate or black tie invitation.

On numerous awards for fashion

Folaji has participated in many fashion shows, events and exhibitions and has organised her own events including well attended conferences that attracted industry doyens and top government officials. Folaji is a well-respected member of her community and due to her commitment and hard work, she has featured in local newspapers, online articles and magazines. 

Since setting up her fashion business less than 5 years ago, Folaji has been honoured with many nominations, recognitions and awards, including the prestigious BEFFTA Award, for her contributions to; the African fashion industry, supporting her community, promoting the African culture and creativity among women and girls and for inspiring the next generation. These include the following;



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