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I am Folaji, a certified coach, management consultant, mentor, serial entrepreneur and confidence coach. Thank you for stopping by to engage with me here. Let me know how I can be of help.

Folaji Fasanya-Omoyeni is passionate about promoting African culture, values, fashion and creativity.

We are unimaginably unique and whereas I may not have walked in your exact shoes, I have had my share of trauma and I know exactly what it feels like to be stigmatised and biased while going through immeasurably, deep pain. I survived it, so can you and brand FFOLAJI is my way of sharing my story in the hope that it will inspire someone to transform their mindset to rise up, speak up and reclaim their tomorrow with hope and I can help you do just that

What is my story, you may ask?

About 32 years ago, in 1990, I met and later married a man who loved me with every fibre of his being. I loved my husband too and was his strongest encourager. I stood firmly by him in everything that he did, supported him to build his confidence and be the best version of himself. He was my best, friend my loudest cheerleader and our chemistry was mutual and magical. He worshiped the ground that I walked on and was not ashamed to shout it from the rooftops. He openly expressed his love for me, my comfort was his comfort and my happiness was his too. We raised two healthy, tall, dark and handsome sons, just like their father, whom my late husband doted on. He encouraged me to be me, our sons’ and my personal achievements were his pride and joy.

Out of the blues, he told me he was moving out of our family home because he had to leave. He told me he loved me so much, he wasn’t divorcing me, but that he had to move out of our family home. I did not understand! We had several conversations, but he moved out anyway and within a few weeks, he started to struggle. He was sad, he was lonely and he became extremely sick. Although he still maintained a line of communication, three months after he moved out of our home, he was gone! He died of COVID-19. The pain I felt upon my husband’s death was unimaginable, then the  demeaning and degrading biases, stereotypes and stigma began. The experience was humiliating. Shocked, confused and with no one to provide answers, I started to struggle, but I fought my way back and today, I am doing great. Needless to say, I found out that I was not married to one person. There had been several external influences and third parties involved in my marriage. What was my offence? My husband loved me too much, I did not love him back, I was controlling him, I did not want his progress and apparently, as an African man, this was bringing shame to his family and so-called ‘friends’! Follow me here for more about my story.

I struggled for many months to work out where to begin, but it seemed there was no way out. I was highly devastated and I found myself beginning to lose strength and to sight of next steps. Then I discovered ‘the secret’! No one can take away from me what I put in my own mind and only I hold the key to transform my life into whatever I wanted it to be. I began to formulate workable strategies for facing life again and I bounced back! I found the courage to turn my situation around and slowly began to live life again. I’m back! I had ‘Transformed’!  Contact me today, I can help you do the same and together we can begin to transform your tomorrow, today!

Join my tribe here today and start your journey to becoming ‘TRANSFORMED’. Let us adjust your crown, so you begin to rule your world! You are royalty. Always remember that!

Amazing Review

I met Folaji at my local church. She was vibrant, friendly and larger than life. I was instantly drawn to her energy. We became friends. Unfortunately for me, I was going through some heavy stuff at the time. I was down in the dumps and went missing from fellowship. Folaji noticed and gave me a call. She said gurrrl. I'm taking you out and it's all on me. No is not an option either 😃 Well..I agreed. I met her in town, we had food and shared abit about where I was at emotionally and mentally. She went a step further and paid for my gym membership. She would pick me up and we would go and work out. That really helped my mental health massively. As it turns out, that's all that was needed for me to get out of that negative vortex. I needed to know someone cares. Someone would look for me. Someone would listen. I got strength from that and it was onwards and upwards from that point on. Forever grateful that you cared enough to reach out
Akello Oliech


Folaji Fasanya-Omoyeni is an ILM Certified Management Consultant, IT consultant, Creative entrepreneur, Social entrepreneur, and Mentor. She is also a certified Agile Coach, a Business Analyst, qualified and registered UK Teacher, Creative Consultant, and Public Speaker. She is a multiple award-winning fashion designer, and the Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director of her UK-based clothing line, FFOLAJI LONDON. Yes, she is all of this and more!

Folaji is the founder of the non-profit organization, Women In Creative Enterprise (WICE), which promotes creativity, digital and leadership skills in young women and girls. She is also the convener of African Wonder Women Organization (AWWOrg), a non-profit initiative she launched in June 2021, following the loss of her dear husband at the onset of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Through AWWOrg, Folaji aims to redefine widowhood, strengthen relationships and encourage people to speak up against the stigma, stereotypes, and biases experienced by African widows both in Africa and in the diaspora.

Folaji’s career spans many public and private establishments including education, public service, security, advertising, marketing, manufacturing, automobile, and consulting sectors. She is passionate about matters concerning women and girls.

Folaji is a widow and mother to two amazing young men.


Since setting up her fashion business only a few years ago, Folaji has been honoured with many nominations, recognitions and awards, including the prestigious BEFFTA Award, for her contributions to; the African fashion industry, supporting her community, promoting the African culture and creativity among women and girls and for inspiring the next generation. These include the following:




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